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Consumers have long been subjected to battery failures which disrupts their lifestyle and daily activities. This same situation applies to car/equipment dealers as well when battery related issues are lodged by their customers.

  • Modern cars/equipment are more performance and sophisticated oriented than ever before. They are extremely well equipped with electronics which ultimately places high power demand on the car/equipment battery.
  • Due to stop-go conditions of urban driving, cars tend not to be driven far enough or often enough to recharge the battery adequately.
  • There are more non-OEM accessories being introduced into cars which places more power demand on the electrical system and battery.
  • Power draw during stationary parking accelerates lead sulphation on plates (discharge state).
  • Even if the development of high performance batteries has made significant advances, such batteries still are subject to lead sulphation which is inherent from the electrochemical process.
  • Consequently, there is a clear link between performance and battery condition. For cars & vehicles, most are governed by Intelligent Battery System (IBS) or Alternator Management System (AMS). The condition of the battery is constantly monitored and if the battery parameters triggers off its preset ‘weak’ limit, the alternator starts charging sequence and decreases overall performance.
  • Using a maintenance charger is not a viable longtime solution. Apartment living, locating power mains, vehicle security often prevents the use of smart chargers. Moreover, smart chargers with desulphation function only treats the battery for a short period of time before it engages force charging and float charge.

Upon rigourous testing and customer feedback, Nanopulser has gained the confidence and support of some of the world’s major brands. With the endorsement from global brands, we are pleased to provide a lifelong solution to their valued customers.