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The former battery scope is no longer offered and has been superseded by new terms for EFB/UHPB batteries.

Thank You for your understanding.


We are the only company locally to offer a battery guarantee based on Nanopulser’s proven technology.

Should your present battery fail (excludes structural damage, drainage loss, internal plate defects) within 36 months of Nanopulser installation, we shall offer a quality replacement battery at lowest cost to you in exchange for your failed battery. There will be a lowest price guarantee for all Nanopulser users.

This battery guarantee covers all locally registered customers on islandwide basis (except for Commercial Heavy vehicles).

The scope of guarantee coverage as follows:


Service Chart
50% off EFB/UHPB/AGM Via Appointment



JIS (Asian Makes) DIN (Continental Makes)
Transport/Labour Unavailable Unavailable
Battery Cost min. 50% off retail charts
Battery Type EFB/UHPB/AGM carbon plated MF
Battery Size 38, 45, 65Ah 55, 66, 75, 100Ah
Battery State NEW NEW
- Testing & Verifying green-tick green-tick
- Using OBD power green-tick green-tick
- Check Testing green-tick green-tick
- Check Testing green-tick green-tick
- Labeling & Marking green-tick green-tick
- Starter/Alternator Test green-tick green-tick
- Customer Records Update green-tick green-tick

At Nanopulser, we believe we can make a difference.


We strive to serve our customers but however will not be able to attend to cases where start failure is due to the following reasons (not exhaustive):


Starter Motor Faulty Fuel Pump/ Injectors Fuel Pressure Low
Broken Terminals Corroded Terminals Fuses Blown
Gearbox Stuck Spark Plugs Misfire ECU malfunction
Battery Drained – Not charged In-Car Camera Power Drain Lights left on – Power Drain
Ignition Locked Electrical System Faulty Car Program Lock

In such cases, we would advise customers to arrange for towing services of their cars back to a competent workshop for proper diagnosis and repair.

Should customers insist on our attendance on-site, a call out charge of S$40.00 will be due and payable on location if found to be a non-battery related event.

Same charges shall apply to vehicle JumpStarting Services.

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