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We are the only company locally to offer a battery guarantee based on Nanopulser’s proven technology.

Should your existing battery (new or aged) fail within 24 months of Nanopulser installation, we shall make good with another factory brand new battery in exchange for your failed in-car battery at no cost to you (except for travel and labour charges stated below).

This battery guarantee covers all locally registered customers on islandwide basis (except for Commercial Heavy vehicles).

The scope of guarantee coverage as follows:


Service Chart
S$60.00 nett S$80.00 nett Via Appointment


#Only Lead Acid Batteries are available, EFB and AFB will be offered in Q4 2017


JIS (Asian Makes) DIN (Continental Makes)
Transport/Labour S$6x.00 nett S$8x.00 nett
Battery Cost FOC (within 24 mths) FOC (within 24 mths)
Battery Type SMF Ca/Ca SMF Ca/Ca
Battery Size 38, 45, 65Ah 55, 66, 75, 100Ah
Battery State NEW NEW
- Testing & Verifying green-tick green-tick
- Using OBD power green-tick green-tick
- Check Testing green-tick green-tick
- Check Testing green-tick green-tick
- Labeling & Marking green-tick green-tick
- Starter/Alternator Test green-tick green-tick
- Customer Records Update green-tick green-tick

At Nanopulser, we believe we can make a difference.


We strive to serve our customers but however will not be able to attend to cases where start failure is due to the following reasons (not exhaustive):


Starter Motor Faulty Fuel Pump/ Injectors Fuel Pressure Low
Broken Terminals Corroded Terminals Fuses Blown
Gearbox Stuck Spark Plugs Misfire ECU malfunction
Battery Drained – Not charged In-Car Camera Power Drain Lights left on – Power Drain
Ignition Locked Electrical System Faulty Car Program Lock

In such cases, we would advise customers to arrange for towing services of their cars back to a competent workshop for proper diagnosis and repair.

Should customers insist on our attendance on-site, a call out charge of S$40.00 will be due and payable on location if found to be a non-battery related event.

Same charges shall apply to vehicle JumpStarting Services.

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