Accelerated technology changes and social environmental challenges have over the years prompted businesses, economies and society to relook at sustainability and resource optimization.

With our patented technology solution, we believe we are at the right opportunity and position to exploit the next stage in innovation rule; to optimize and increase the service capability of the Lead Acid Battery, a widely used energy storage medium.

Resulting Benefit : Increase in battery longevity which supports businesses, consumer lifestyles and global sustainability.

With NANOPULSER, we’ve created a consumer-friendly and simple solution to solve premature failure and increase uptimes. It can be used on all classes of lead acid batteries, from commercial to consumer applications.

There is no need to migrate to any new or novel designed battery platform. This is key to consumer acceptance.

With our design & build facility in JAPAN as well as strategic partnership with two battery plants (ASIA & EUROPE) to support our continuous efforts in product refinement, we are well equipped to make graduated improvements in our technology to meet material changes in future battery technologies.

Locally, we have launched a novel ZERO COST BATTERY program. This initiative guarantees tremendous savings to car owners and supports local recycling efforts. This is an industry’s first, no other company has undertaken such unconventional customer-centric approach.

With the support of our regional partners, we will continue to establish our product solution and branding in all market sectors.